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SPROUTS is an International Award-winning Play Library of Theatre for Children.

The scripts are all MUSICALS whose run-time is 40-60 minutes each; and the shows are based upon the famous classic tales of The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen... and there are a few titles that are totally original stories with contemporary themes. They are filled with magic and imagination, and artists love performing them. Adopting the name SPROUTS in Boston in the 1980s, it has grown into a library of two dozen high-quality original musical plays designed for audiences ages 4 and up. All shows were written and published by Artistic Director Stan Gill.

The Collection is the exclusive property of Stan Gill and his collaborators: Cindy Bright, Cathy Domeck, Jeffrey Payne, Kristen Lee Rosenfeld & Laurinda Sager. The SPROUTS Library has been available for rental to friends and colleagues of The Artistic Director for many years... and has won countless awards and praise for their unique quality. Now they are available for general rental. 

These engaging shows have varying cast sizes from five to fifteen. Most shows contain seven to nine musical numbers, and they all have lively audience participation sequences and high-energy chase scenes, both of which are SPROUTS hallmarks. 

Titles are available with complete book and score
; teaching materials are available. An audio and/or video recording can be ordered with many titles. Within these pages you will find a list of the plays available. For each play you will also find a synopsis, the approximate run-time, the number & gender of cast members needed, a list of songs and additional teaching materials. Have fun perusing!

  TESTIMONIAL "I have produced more than a dozen SPROUTS shows in a community theater setting and cannot say enough good things about them.  They do everything a theater piece should do:  entertain, instruct, amuse and challenge.  The stories are direct, clear and timeless.  The music is incredibly catchy and kid-friendly.  The lesson contained in each is universal. Furthermore, the  beauty of these shows is that they appeal not just to children, but to the adults as well.  Music, big ideas, great stories, audience participation and a rousing chase scene - SPROUTS shows have it all!  I have done and seen a LOT of theater for children in my time - it is my passion- and I can unequivocally say that SPROUTS shows are the very best there is.  Period."  Laurie Ellington, Founder, Razz-Ma-Tazz Family Theater, Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany

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