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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright


T he King and his lovely daughter, Esmerelda, live in the palace — and the palace is at the top of Hopscotch Mountain. The only way up is the Mountain Road, and everyone who travels up or down this road does it at their peril — because the Giants live alongside it. If you are caught by Chag and Uurna, you could wind up on their menu! Naturally the King is anxious to rid his kingdom of these brutes, but he has been unable to find a champion willing to take them on.

One day a Tailor, (a very small man in stature but big in confidence) swats seven flies at once while at work in his tailor shop. Certain that he was meant for greater things, and proud of his deed, he makes himself a banner that proclaims "SEVEN AT ONE BLOW." The townspeople assume that this refers not to flies, but to men... and a legend is born. The Tailor sets out to rid the kingdom of the nasty giants — and win the hand of Princess Essie. When the Tailor reaches the Mountain Road the giants are waiting for him. With sharp resourcefulness he outsmarts them and scares them off forever... all the while teaching the Princess, the King and everyone along the countryside the importance of confidence!

Running time: Approx. 50 minutes


The Page (m/f; narrator)
The King (m)
Princess Essie (f)
Jack (a Tailor) (m/f)
Chag (a giant; m)
Uurna (a giant; f)



"The Terrifying Road to Town" (Page)
"Is That All?" (Jack, Essie)
"Twice As" (Chag, Uurna)
"He's Not The Man For Me" (Essie)
"Seven At One Blow" (Jack)
"Make-A Me Proud" (The King)
"Confidence" (Jack, Essie)
"The Breakfast Fugue" (Jack, Chag, Uurna)

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