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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cathy Domeck


he time: Three thousand years ago. The place: Somewhere in Arabia. The Sultanís daughter, Yasmine, is beautiful and of marrying age ... but the laws of the land allow her to marry only a prince. Her father may be willing to change the law, for he loves Yasmine — but the evil Grand Magician has other plans: He wishes to rule as sultan. There is a cave in the desert ... and within lies an old oil lamp with magic inside! If he can get his hands on the lamp, he will get the Sultandom AND the Sultaness. He only needs a strong young man to retrieve the lamp for him.

Aladdin is a strong young man without work, a sweetheart, or much of anything else for that matter. When the Grand Magician catches him stealing a piece of fruit he corners him. "I will not turn you in to the Sultanís guard," he says, "if you will do this task for me. Besides, it will make you rich." Aladdin agrees and retrieves the lamp. But the Magician betrays him, and Aladdin and the lamp are closed in the cave to face darkness and death. When Aladdin tries to light the lamp, the Genie that lives within appears and grants him three wishes (and hints that one of those wishes may be used to free him from his imprisonment in the lamp).

Aladdinís first wish frees them from the cave. His second turns him into a prince so he may woo Yasmine. The Magician realizes who Aladdin is, and schemes to steal lamp from him. And in an exciting moment, Aladdin uses his last wish to free the Genie &mdash by replacing him in the lamp with the Magician and reburying the lamp forever! Yasmine convinces her father to change the law, and they all live happily ever after.

Running time: Approx. 60 minutes


Dahlia (girl; narrator)
Tamir (boy; narrator)
Aladdin (m)
Yasmine (f)
The Sultan (m)
The Grand Magician (m)
The Genie (m



"Aladdin & His Wonderful Lamp" (Dahlia, Tamir)
"Magician's Reflection" (Magician)
"An Impossible Wish Is Love" (Yasmine)
"There's Gotta Be More" (Aladdin)
"Think Big" (Genie, with Aladdin)
"A Pleasure Doing Business" (Sultan, Grand Magician)
"Prince Me!" (Aladdin, Genie)
"Girl Talk" (Grand Magician, Yasmine)
"The Love Counterpoint" (Aladdin, Yasmine)


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