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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright


  merchant, once wealthy, lost his fortune when his ship was lost at sea. So when word from the Harbormaster reaches the Merchant saying that his ship has been found, he rejoices and promises his four daughters that he will bring each whatever her heart desires. The three older (and very spoiled) sisters — Vanity, Covetous and Idle — make enormous demands on their father. But his youngest daughter, Beauty, asks for nothing but one red rose.

Unfortunately, when the Merchant reaches the harbor he finds that the ship that has been found is not his, and he must go home empty-handed. On his journey, he is caught in a terrible storm, and nearly killed. When he awakens, he finds himself in an incredible rose garden, having been rescued by a mysterious host who will not show his face. The host tells the Merchant that he may make himself at home in the garden for as long as he needs to heal ... he will have food and shelter and anything else he wishes ... but he must not touch the roses.

When the Merchant is well, however, he cannot resist taking one rose for his adoring Beauty. As he picks it, he suddenly meets his host, and finds himself face to face with a horrible Beast. The Beast is going to take his life, but a bargain is struck: If one of the Merchant’s daughters will return willingly in his place, he will be spared. And when he tells this story to his daughters, Beauty volunteers to go.

A year passes, and The Beast falls in love with Beauty. Each evening he asks for her hand in marriage, and each evening her answer is no. When she asks his leave to go visit her father and sisters, The Beast allows her to go for one month, but tells her she must return after that time. When Beauty is late, she finds her Beast near death. Suddenly realizing how much she has grown to love him, she kisses him. There is a magical transformation, and her Beast turns into a Prince who has been enchanted.

Running time: Approx. 50 minutes



Troubador (m or f; narrator)
Beauty (f)
Vanity (f)
Covetous (f)
Idle (f)
Merchant (m)
Beast (m)


"It Happened Once Upon a Time" (Troubador)
"Beauty's Reverie" (Beauty)
"That Will Make Me Smile" (Merchant & daughters)
"The Rose Ballad" (Beast)
"Don't Choose Me" (Merchant & daughters)
"Everybody Laugh" (Beauty; audience participation)
"Naaa-Naaaaah!" (Vanity, Covetous & Idle)
"Beauty's Reverie/Rose Ballad Reprise" (Beauty & Beast)

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Sample Music Sheet  of "The Rose Ballad"
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