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"Totally fun for kids and grown-ups. Great stories, terrific music and lots of surprises."  Doug Feinberg, Executive Director/Boston Baked Theatre, Cambridge, MA

We have been performing Stan Gill shows (SPROUTS) for the past 20 years, and I've been involved for 15 of them. A Stan Gill show is a GUARANTEED audience, and success! Our audiences have come to love these shows, and look forward to them every year!”  Mike Siracuse, Manager, Riverwalk Theatre, Lansing, MI

"We have produced one of Sprouts children's shows for the past 18 years. Our audiences love the fact that the shows are great fun for the kids, with humor, music and a chase scene, and there's also adult humor so everyone has a good time. I love the fact that every five years, as the kids grow, we can repeat our favorite shows!"  Sharon Maroney, Producing Artistic Director, The Broadway Rose Theatre, Tigard, OR

Entertaining for children and adults alike, these scripts strike a marvelous balance providing a didactic element, humor for the begrudging chaperone and endless magic and excitement to the child audience member. These musical adaptations are a mainstay in our school outreach program.”  Anne Jorgenson Green, Past President, Dakota Stage Limited, Bismark, ND

"Stan Gill family musical comedies (SPROUTS) have become a tradition at Riverwalk Theatre in Lansing, Michigan, since 1989 and have developed a fan base that returns every year. We are starting to see our second generation of fans."  Jane Zussman,  Secretary of the Board of Directors, Riverwalk Theatre, Lansing, MI

"SPROUTS musicals are more than just for little children. They are for the child in everyone. Many times we have done the shows in English and then the translation. They are the most popular plays we ever do! Even when times are difficult, the SPROUTS plays bring out cheering crowds.”  Edmée Colson, Director, Theatre Hilaire, Sint-Pauwels, Belgium

"The best decision we ever made was to include The SPROUTS Musicals as part of our season. Whether it’s a sweet, intimate production of Rapunzel or a crazy crowd-pleaser like Jack & the Beanstalk, there is never an empty seat or a dissatisfied patron… child or adult. Please write more!”  Amy Lebron, Director, Hamilton Little Theatre, Hamilton, ONT

"I have produced more than a dozen SPROUTS shows in a community theater setting and cannot say enough good things about them.  They do everything a theater piece should do:  entertain, instruct, amuse and challenge.  The stories are direct, clear and timeless.  The music is incredibly catchy and kid-friendly.  The lesson contained in each is universal. Furthermore, the  beauty of these shows is that they appeal not just to children, but to the adults as well.  Music, big ideas, great stories, audience participation and a rousing chase scene - SPROUTS shows have it all!  I have done and seen a LOT of theater for children in my time - it is my passion- and I can unequivocally say that SPROUTS shows are the very best there is.  Period."  Laurie Ellington, Founder, Razz-Ma-Tazz Family Theater, Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany