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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright

A long time ago near the Bremen Wood, when legends of monsters of the forest were still common, there lived a Donkey. He worked hard, but he was not too bright. Even so, he knew that his cruel master was about to turn him into glue. Rather than face this sticky fate, he headed off toward Brementown to seek his fortune as a musician. Along the way he befriended a hound whose fate mirrored his; the little girl who owned him didn’t want him around anymore ... so the two animals formed a duet and faced Brementown together. Soon their parade was joined by an old pussycat, of no use any longer as a mousecatcher, and a rooster, confused by age and soon to face the chopping block. So off went the newly formed quartet ... toward Brementown.

That night their masters, who earned their living in the criminal trade, met in a small shack in the Bremen Wood to divvy up their ill-gotten gains. It is this precise location the animals encountered on their travels.

Not knowing who was in the shack, they decided to serenade the occupants in the hope of receiving an invitation to dinner. Their singing, however, convinces the crooks that the monster of the Bremen Wood is right outside, and they flee ... leaving the shack (and the loot!) for the animals to use as a safe harbor in which to live happily ever after.

Running time: Approx. 55 minutes



Scarecrow (m or f; narrator)
Hilda (f)
Gunter (m)
Sleego (m)
The Kid (boy or girl)
The Donkey (m)
The Dog (m or f)
The Cat (f)
The Rooster (m or f)


"The Road to Brementown" (Scarecrow)
"Hee-Yaww Duet" (Donkey and Hilda)
"Forward March" (Scarecrow, Donkey, Dog, Cat, Rooster)
"A Dog's Life" (Dog)
"I Still Got It" (Cat)
"Cock-a-Doodle Doozy" (Rooster)
"The Highwayman's Song" (Hilda, Gunter, Sleego, The Kid)
"The monster of the Bremen Wood" (All)

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