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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright


O ur troubadour sings "Ella's Tale," recounting of how long ago, in a small kingdom, the lovely young Ella came to be called Cinderella: forced to work for her two ugly, jealous Stepsisters as their servant, she was dirty from cleaning ashes and cinders from the hearth.

Cinderella longs to attend the Royal Ball in which the Prince must "celebrate" his 21st birthday by choosing a bride, but her Stepsisters laugh at the very idea ("Just a Chambermaid"), mock her ragged clothes, and flounce off to the ball without her. Cinderella, wishing for a brighter future, sings a wistful ballad, "Somewhere Lovely," when suddenly her Fairy Godmother appears! Although a bit absent-minded ("I Wish I Could Remember"), the scatterbrained Fairy manages to conjure up a pumpkin coach, six white horses, a beautiful gown, and a pair of glass slippers for Cinderella's tiny feet. She sends the elated Cinderella off to the Ball in style, but warns that the spells wear off at midnight!

The Stepsisters get the Ball rolling by performing "The Wiggy Wag Waltz," recruiting partners from the audience. Then Cinderella enters the Ball, and sees that everyone is wondering "Who is the Girl?" She chances to meet the Prince who, weary and wary of being sought after only for his royalty, has retreated to the balcony. Unaware of who he is, she strikes up a friendship with him and they dance the night away ... But then, midnight strikes! Cinderella flees, leaving behind only her glass slipper, and thus triggers the Prince's quest to find and marry the girl whose foot the slipper fits. The Stepsisters lock Cinderella in the wood closet where she can only sing to the walls that the slipper fits her foot. Outside, in rousing counterpoint ("If it Fits"), the Stepsisters sing about the shoe fitting them, the Prince and his footman fervently sing "Don't fit!"

Of course, Cinderella eventually does get to try the slipper on, it fits perfectly, and she and the Prince ride off together, happily ever after.

Running time: Approx. 50 minutes



The Troubador (m; narrator)
Cinderella (f)
Repulsa, a stepsister (m)
Obnoxia, a stepsister (m)
The Prince (m)
A Fairy Godmother (f)



"Ella's Tale" (Troubador)
"The Invitation" (Prince, Troubador)
"Just a Chambermaid" (Repulsa, Obnoxia)
"Somewhere Lovely" (Cinderella)
"I Wish I Could Remember" (Fairy Godmother)
"The Wiggy Wag Waltz" (Stepsisters; audience participation)
"Who is the Girl?" (Cinderella)
"If It Fits" (Stepsisters, Cinderella, Prince and Troubador)

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