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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright

 E mperor Victorious the Vain is the beloved ruler of a small kingdom, but he has one major flaw: his appearance — he thinks of nearly nothing else. His wife the Empress and their Court are beside themselves, because they know that nothing will ever get done while the Emperor is dissatisfied with his wardrobe. The last tailor was banished to the snowcaps, and the Emperor’s latest proclamation states that the tailor who can make him a suit unlike any that exists will be richly rewarded.

A pair of flim-flammers overhear the proclamation and tell the Emperor that they can make him a unique outfit. So unusual, in fact, that it is invisible to those people who are stupid, or unfit for their office. The Emperor sets them to their task right away, treating them to the finest the kingdom has to offer. In the meantime, no one in the Court will admit that they cannot see the clothes.

Finally the day of the Annual Processional arrives, and the Emperor is determined to wear his new clothes ... even though he cannot see them himself! At last a small child announces that the Emperor is wearing nothing but his undergarments. The Emperor, realizing that they all have been duped, vows to change his vain ways, and sets the pretend tailors to the task of altering all of his many garments to fit the poor and the needy.

Running time: Approx. 50 minutes


Emperor Victorious the Vain (m)
Ziff (a tailor) (m/f)
Miggot (another tailor) (m/f)
Jester (m/f; narrator)
Empress (f)
Magician (m)
Cook (f)



"Something New To Wear" (Jester, Cook, Magician, Empress)
"Partners" (Ziff & Miggot)
"Emperor's Lament" (Emperor)
"Invisible" (Tailors & the Emperor's court)
"Tailors' Work Song" (Tailors & the Emperor's court)
"What Would You Think?" (Empress, with Emperor)
"Punishment Fits the Crime" (All)

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Video clip: "Something New to Wear"
Sample Music Sheet
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