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How does it work?

Peruse the show descriptions; take your time! When you've chosen a show to produce, contact us here: 1-843-284-8407  We'll email the script and music for the show to you..

What is the cost (rights and royalties) to produce a Sprouts show?

One-act plays: The RIGHTS to do a production are purchased for a flat fee of $190. This also covers the cost of the first four performances. It is the same whether you do one, two, three or four performances. The ROYALTIES are the rental of a show for a prescribed number of performances on a per-performance basis: $45/performance for each of the next six performances (after the first four), and $20 for each performance after that (within a 30 day period).

Two-act plays (The Pied Piper of Hamelin, The No Hole Holiday): The RIGHTS (including ROYALTIES for the first 4 performances) are $265; ROYALTIES are $55/performance for each of the next six performances, and $30 for each performance after that (within a 30 day period).

What comes with each rental?

Once your transaction has been processed, you will be able to download digital versions of the script and each piece of music for the show. Educational guides are also available for most titles and are offered at no additional charge!

What format will the files be?

All files, script and music, are PDF format.

How do I read PDF files?

There are several free programs you can use to view PDFs. Adobe Reader is the most common, but we recommend Foxit.

Can I get a perusal copy of a script?

We have tried to give you all of the information that a producer would need to decide which show is right for you. This includes RUNNING TIMES, CHARACTER BREAKDOWNS, SYNOPSES & TECHINCAL NEEDS. But if you need more, for a nominal fee you may download the first three pages of any script. (An average script is about 18 pages.)

Can I get the music in any other format (midi, Finale, Sibelius, etc.)?

No; PDF is the only format available at present. If there is a lot of interest in other formats, we'll look into it.

Can I get hard copies of script and music?

Yes; for an additional fee of $25 we will send you hard copies of the script and the music (United States and Canada only).

Can I get DVDs of these shows in performace?

Yes; when you purchase the RIGHTS to a production, you may request an archival DVD of the show. The cost is $15.

Can I get a CD with canned music tracks to eliminate the need for a live musician?

No, we do not offer this at present (except by special arrangement).