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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Jeffrey Payne


 S arah Elizabeth is a girl who lives at the edge of a small village. Ever since she could remember, her father and her big sister Mary have treated her like a small child. Not only does her mother constantly compare her unfavorably to Mary, who is the perfect daughter, but they call her Goldilocks — a pet name that stuck because of the color of her hair. Sarah Elizabeth is not happy, and lets everyone know it by being loud, disrespectful and mischievous.

In the meantime, in a small blue-collar house in the great woods live a family of bears. All are happy and content except for the encroachment of humankind on their once idyllic existence.

One day Goldilocks goes too far and her Mother confines her to her room... a situation that she does not take lying down. It isn't long before she climbs from her window and runs off into the great woods herself. As evening falls, hungry and tired, Goldilocks shows up on the doorstep of the three bears. As luck would have it, they were out walking while their porridge simmered. When they return they discovered their chairs have been sat in, their dinners tasted and their beds slept in. Waking to the owners of the house standing over her, Goldilocks is frightened into realizing that she was pretty well off where she had been before she’d run away. Mary shows up just in time to tell her sister how much they’ve missed her and take her home to a grateful Mother.

Running time: Approx. 45 minutes


Mary Margaret (f; narrator)
Goldilocks (f)
Father (f)
Mama Bear (f)
Papa Bear (m)
Baby Bear (boy or girl)



"Like Mary" (Father)
 "A House of Bears" (Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear)
 "Deepest Sympathy" (Mary)
 "There Goes the Neighborhood" (Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear)
 "The Porridgy Prominade" (Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear; audience participation)
 "Good to be Bad" (Goldilocks)
 "Blessing to the Great Grizzly" (Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear)
 "A Marvelous Day" (All)

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