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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright


 J ack is a dreamer. He thinks of nearly nothing but taking an adventure. Jack’s father was killed years before by a nasty Giant that ravaged the countryside and stole valuables that belonged to the villagers. Jack’s mother has done her best to take care of him, but the money has run out. She tells Jack that he must take Lucky, their faithful cow, to market and sell her so that they may buy food. But Jack is conned by a dishonest salesman, and exchanges Lucky for what he is told are magic beans. When he returns home Mother is angry, and she throws the beans into the garden, where they grow into a beanstalk that stretches to the clouds. This is the window to adventure that Jack has waited for, and he cannot resist climbing into the clouds to seek his fortune.

Once above the clouds, Jack encounters the very Giant responsible for terrorizing the village and killing his Father years before. Jack takes back The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs, The Magic Singing Harp & The Bag of Gold in three trips down the beanstalk ... and on the final trip is chased by the Giant. Thinking quickly, Jack chops down the beanstalk ... and everyone (except the Giant) lives happily ever after.

Running time: Approx. 45 minutes


Minstrel (m; narrator)
Jack (m or f)
Mother (f)
Lucky the Cow (m)
The Giant (m)
The Giant's Cook (f)
The Golden Goose (f)
The Magic Singing Harp (f)



"Hurry Up Jack" (Minstrel)
"Lucky's Lament" (Lucky, Jack)
"Beans" (Mother)
"A Giant Appetite" (Cook)
"Giant's Rap" (Giant, with Cook and Harp)
"My Echo and Me" (Jack; audience participation)

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Sample Music Sheet  for "Giant Rap"
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