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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright


 L ittle Red Riding Hood lives on the outskirts of the woods with her protective Mother. She’s a good girl, but she doesn’t always take her Mother’s instructions to heart. The only people she sees with any regularity are her mother and the Huntsman. She often daydreams of curious things, but with no playmates she has to be satisfied with her closest companions — the trees. When Grandma comes for a visit, everyone is excited because Grandma is so much fun to be with... and Grandma thinks Little Red is old enough now to visit her on the other side of the forest alone.

One day Grandma takes ill, and Mother reluctantly allows Red to carry a basket of goodies to Grandma’s house. Mother warns Red not to talk with strangers on the way, and she heads off down the path. As she enters the woods she meets up with a Wolf. He is down on his luck, and makes it his mission to discover where the little girl is going and what’s in the basket.

Running time: Approx. 50 minutes


The Huntsman (m; narrator)
Greta (f)
Little Red (f)
Grandma (f)
The Wolf (m)



"One More Wolf" (Huntsman)
 "Grandma's Coming" (Greta, Huntsman, Little Red, Grandma)
 "Trees" (Little Red)
 "Strangers on the Way" (Greta)
 "Nobody Loves Ya When Your Teeth's Too Big!" (The Wolf)
 "The Little Red Tango" (The Wolf and Little Red)
 "Maybe" (Grandma)
 "What Big Eyes" (The Wolf and Little Red)

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