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“The Holiday World,” Santa tells us, “is a strange and unusual place.” Axel the Elf has been promoted to Santa’s personal staff. However, instead of something glamorous like tinsel or music, he is put in charge of buying holes. Santa sends Axel to see Mr. Pistachio, The Commissioner of Stuff, to make the deal... but sends him with a warning... There are two Goblins called the Grump Sisters, who are jealous that their holiday, Halloween lasts only a day, while Santa’s festivities are celebrated for a month.

Mr. Pistachio takes Axel to meet Rowley and Jinx, the two Gnomes who run the Hole Factory, so he can see how important his new job is. “After all,” the Gnomes explain, “how could anyone plant a tree, drain the bathtub, pour their tea, or put their fingers in a ball, to bowl? Sink a free-throw through a hoop, use a straw, an ice cream scoop, or inner tube that didn’t have a hole?” Axel begins to get the idea, and his attitude changes about the importance of his new job.

However, The Grumps decide to sabatoge the factory and ruin everyone’s holiday. They succeed by causing a rift between the Rowley and Jinx. Before you know it, the’ve disguised themselves as Gnomes, and are pulling the wool over Axel’s eyes. In the meantime, Jinx is out looking for another job, and Rowley is trying to run the factory herself. Axel is afraid he will disappoint Santa, Mr. Pistachio starts to panic, and it looks like the holiday will not happen after all. At the last moment, Mr. Pistachio figures a way to turn The Grumps own mischief against them... and it works like a charm. As their punishment, Santa sends them off to work with The Pixies on Valentine’s Day, and then enlist them to help with his holiday so they no longer feel left out. Jinx and Rowley reunite and everything is back to normal as the curtain comes down.




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