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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Jeffrey Payne


The Queen will only allow her son Prince John to marry a young lady if she is a princess through and through. When the storm-tossed girl of his dreams shows up at the castle door, no one believes she is of royal blood. In order to prove her worthiness Hannah must pass the nobility test. The scheming Prime Minister sees it in his own interest to keep the prince unmarried, so he devises a test. He will place a tiny pea under twenty mattresses. If it keeps the girl awake, then she passes.

Hannah, not knowing what the test will be, studies hard — every subject from mathematics to spelling. But in the end, the pea keeps her awake, and she and Prince John live happily ever after.

Running time: Approx. 50 minutes


Princess Hannah (f)
Prince John (m)
The Queen (f)
Prime Minister (m)
Upstairs Maid (f; narrator)
Downstairs Maid (f; narrator)


"A Servant's Work" (Maids)
"The Old Man's Will" (Prince John, Queen, Prime Minister)
"For My Baby" (Queen)
"Prince's Lament" (Prince John)
"Welcome Stranger" (All)
"No One Believes I'm a Princess" (Princess Hannah)
"The Test" (Prime Minister)
"I'll Pass" (Princess Hannah, Prince John; audience participation)
"Counting Sheep" (Princess Hannah)


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