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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cathy Domeck


A poor woodcarver named Gepetto dreams of having a son of his own. He builds a beautiful puppet at his workbench, and a Blue Fairy, who visits only the very good, enchants the puppet,and it awakens. Gepetto names the puppet Pinocchio, and although Pinocchio can speak and walk, he is still made of wood... The Blue Fairy tells him that only bravery, unselfishness and honesty can make him a real boy. “One day,” he says “I will be a real boy! Won’t that make my papa happy”.

Soon Pinocchio goes off to school with the promise that he will buy a schoolbook, and not speak to anyone on his way. However, he gets drawn into a circus sideshow, where the owner cages him up hoping to capitalize on a performing puppet without strings. Pinocchio lies about what he’s been doing, and discovers that when he lies, his nose grows. Finally, with the help of The Blue Fairy, Pinocchio cleverly escapes -- but is almost instantly conned by The Fox and The Cat into forgetting about school and Papa, and following them to The Land of the Toys. Pinocchio does not understand that these two mean him harm. Meanwhile, Gepetto is very worried about his little wooden boy, and leaves home to find him.

Finally... exhausted, Pinocchio is swept out to sea where he is swallowed by a whale. While inside the whale’s belly, Pinocchio hears something familiar, and realizes that it is Gepetto, who has also been swallowed up. He and Gepetto outsmart the whale and make it to shore, where Pinocchio’s bravery and unselfishness is rewarded. The Blue Fairy turns him into a real boy.

Running time: Approx. 60 minutes


Signore Stromboli
The Blue Fairy
The Fox
The Cat



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