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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright


 A t the start we meet Prince Lionel, and he is on a quest. When Lionel was small, he’d heard his grandfather telling the story of a beautiful princess cast under a spell of sleep. As the story went, she and her entire kingdom disappeared into the briars, and had vanished from history. He is now determined to find this kingdom, and rescue the princess.

It seems that 100 years before, a kindly King and Queen had hoped for a child. When she was finally born, invitations were sent to everyone to attend her christening. Among the invited guests were the Morning Faerie, the Noontide Faerie, The Twilight Faerie and their sinister sister, the Midnight Faerie. Unfortunately, the Midnight Faerie’s invitation was misplaced. Furious, she appeared at the christening and cast a spell on the baby: On her eighteenth birthday, she would prick her finger on a spindle and fall into an eternal sleep. Horrified, the King orders all spinning wheels burned ... and the Princess grows into a lovely young lady. But on the evening of her eighteenth birthday, she is drawn into a strange room by a disguised Midnight Faerie, pricks her finger, and sleeps. And now, a hundred years later, Prince Lionel discovers the lost Kingdom, and the girl who had called to him in his dreams. He kisses her, and she awakens. But the Midnight Faerie still has to be vanquished — and when she is, the Kindom awakens once more to the world.

Running time: Approx. 55 minutes



Prince Lionel (m; narrator)
The King (m)
The Queen (f)
Beauty (f)
The Morning Faerie (f)
The Noontide Faerie (f)
The Twilight Faerie (f)
The Midnight Faerie (f)
Young Beauty (girl)


"Look For Me" (Beauty)
"In the Briars" (Lionel)
"It's a Girl" (Morning Faerie, Noontide Faerie, Twilight Faerie)
"Going to a Christening" (The King and the Queen)
"Forgive and Forget" (The Midnight Faerie)
"Eighteen" (Morning Faerie, Noontide Faerie, Twilight Faerie)
"Uncommon Girl" (Beauty, Lionel)
"A Long, Long Time" (All)


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Sample Music Sheet for "In the Briars"
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