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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright & Jeffrey Payne


O nce upon a time there lived a handsome King and his beautiful Queen. In the winter of their third year a child was born to them. The little girl was the loveliest the Kingdom had ever known, and they named her Snow White.

A year went by, and the beautiful Queen died. The King, believing that his baby daughter should have a mother, took another Queen. As Snow White grew into a lovely and happy little girl, her stepmother began to be jealous of her ... and by and by the Queen was overtaken by her jealousy. Time passed and the good King died, leaving Snow White with a stepmother whose unhealthy obsession with her looks started to take a strange turn. She’d consult a magic mirror, asking it to reveal the fairest in the Kingdom. One day her worst fears were realized, and the mirror told her that Snow White had become the fairest. The Queen was so enraged that she ordered her Royal Huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and slay her there. The Huntsman, who could not carry out such an order, left her in the forest and fled the Kingdom.

In the forest, Snow White was adopted by seven little men who worked in the nearby quarries. There she kept house and listened to stories, and grew into a beautiful young woman. However, the Queen’s mirror knew that Snow White lived ... and when next she asked him who was the fairest, he revealed his secret. The wicked Queen set off to poison Snow White with an enchanted apple. One bite, and Snow White fell into a deep sleep. As the sad Dwarves mourned her, a Prince, sent by the Huntsman, discovers Snow White, kisses her — and everyone (but the wicked Queen) lives happily ever after.

Running time: Approx. 55 minutes



Lyndra (f; narrator)
The Huntsman (m)
The Queen (f)
The Magic Mirror (m)
Snow White (f)
The Prince (m)
Young Snow White (girl)
The Seven Dwarves:


"The Little Things" (Lyndra)
"Mirror, Mirror" (Queen)
"The Hunt" (Huntsman, Snow White)
"No Reflection on You" (Magic Mirror)
"The Sceer'ds" (The Dwarves)
"My Seven" (Snow White)
"Dangerous Brew" (Queen)
"Dwarves' Lament" (The Dwarves)
"Happy, Happy Ending" (All except Queen)


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