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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright



T he Princess is not supposed to be down by the well because the Old Witcher Woman practices her black magic nearby ... but the Princess does not always behave. When she loses her precious golden ball down the well, a Frog comes to the rescue and retrieves it. All he desires in return is her promise of friendship, but the Princess breaks her word. When the King discovers this, he intervenes and insists that his daughter fulfill her part of the bargain.

The Princess can scarcely bear the ugly Frog at first, but in time grows very fond of him. However, the Old Witcher Woman is busy trying to get the Frog to do her bidding. His refusal has already cost him a great deal but this time it may cost him his life. The Princess at last misses her new friend so much that she goes after him. Finding him near death at the well, she kisses him. This breaks the Old Witcher Woman’s evil spell, and restores him to his real self....an Enchanted Prince.

Running time: Approx. 45 minutes



Troubador (m or f; narrator)
The King (m)
Princess Gwendolyn (f)
The Frog (m)
The Witcher Woman (f)



"Things Aren't Always As They Seem" (Troubador)
"My Best Friend" (Gwendolyn)
"I'm Proud of The Work I Do" (Witcher Woman)
"The Promise Song" (King with Troubador, Frog & Gwendolyn; audience participation)
"Ugly!" (Gwendolyn, Frog)
"News!" (Troubador, Gwendolyn, King)

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Sample Music Sheet for "I'm Proud of the Work I Do"
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