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Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill / Music by Cindy Bright



Molly is ten, and every summer she visits her Grandfather on Lighthouse Island. She feels as
though she has a special relationship with a whale that she sees each season, as he spouts and
breaches in the cove. Her Mother and Father donít really understand her... and her spoiled
sister is no help at all. Molly knows she would someday like to be a Marine Biologist, and she
learns a lot from Grandfather and the whale... but some of what she learns disturbs her. The
world, it turns out, does not respect life in the sea the way she would wish.

In a crazy dream sequence, Molly meets Capín Patch, a metaphorical corporate pirate... she
dances with her whale, and there is a courtroom trial to decide who is guilty of the mistreatment
she is suddenly so aware of. Loads of information about whales is brought forward... as well as
possible solutions for their care.

Molly, however, is very sad... and decides she must do something now. She wants to take the
whale home with her. It takes the wisdom of Grandfather to help her understand what she can
and cannot do... and in a bittersweet finale, Molly is more determined than ever to grow into a
person who will make a difference -- when the time comes.

Running time: Approx. 45 minutes



Troubador (m or f; narrator)
The King (m)
Princess Gwendolyn (f)
The Frog (m)
The Witcher Woman (f)



"Things Aren't Always As They Seem" (Troubador)
"My Best Friend" (Gwendolyn)
"I'm Proud of The Work I Do" (Witcher Woman)
"The Promise Song" (King with Troubador, Frog & Gwendolyn; audience participation)
"Ugly!" (Gwendolyn, Frog)
"News!" (Troubador, Gwendolyn, King)

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